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tm concepts e.U.
Mauerbachstrasse 50/14, 1140 Wien
t: +43 / 699 / 11 44 96 98
e: innovation@tm-concepts.at

HG Wien: FN 361099d
VAT: ATU66421259
CEO: DI Michael Thurow
Member of Wirtschaftskammer Österreich, Fachgruppe Wien

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It’s all about passion, fascination,
and innovation.

tm concepts

tm concepts boosts your innovation output and integrates the benefits of design into your organisation.

We are an innovations- and design management agency and develop products and corporate environments for corporations. We connect strategic requirements with creative solutions. Technical know how and years of experience in the fields of design and innovation development add value to your company.

  • we set up your innovations-and design management and assist you while implementation
  • we develop strategies and designs for the developments of products and corporate environments
  • we create knowledge and awareness through seminars and workshops

your competitive edge


To reinvent yourself, to react quickly on market changes, to be steps ahead your competitors, to inspire your customers. New inputs are essential for your company!

Innovation and design is your chance to define the market according to your rules. tm concepts guides you through this process.

We connect innovation with design, contents with form, strategies with creativity and concequence with passion. These benfits will be yours:

For your company

  • flexibility and rapidness at market changes gives you serenity
  • structured processes for new developments gives you confidence
  • convincing concepts strengthen your brand identity
  • international mentions give you attention
  • satisfied customers buy more products

Higher productivity and long lasting success

for your customers

  • good design gives your customers joy
  • coherent atmosphere creates well being
  • high quality results in customer satisfaction

And meaningful solutions and remarkable design.

Innovation management

Well managed innovations are the key for perpetual regeneration of your company.

Innovation management ensures the structured and strategic planning, coordination and implemetation of innovations.We create the set up, to multiply your innovation output. Summed up, innovation management is the searching, selection and sharpening of trends, inputs and ideas in order to place products or services sucessfully on the market.

Together with you we start with the definition of the goals to be accomplished. This is followed by an innovations audit to analyse the existing structures, processes and competences. With up to date methods of innovation management like blue ocean strategy oder design thinking we tackle the challenges.

We aim at creating an innovative environment in your company, so you can perform these processes efficiently and with the best outcome possible.

Design management

Integrated design management transforms your vision into design, cultivates creativity, excites customers and adds value to your company.

This makes it a key success factor for efficient product developments with a high design quality. As new product lauches have to go with your brand strategy our starting point is the analysis of brand, portfolio and competences. Based on the findings we develop a design strategy that fits to your company. Together with you tm concepts implements processes and methods, to ensure the quality of your developments.

Design management ensures an efficient, qualitative and aesthetic transformation of your product develoment strategy and underlines your brand strategy.

Your customers will feel your vision.

Product Design

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Design creates emotion.

Goal of every product development ist to attract the attention of your customer, the satisfy your customers needs and therefore to win your customers confidence. Good product design contributes to these key success factors. Design is creating value and differentiation.

Corporate Environments

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Corporate environments are the spatial corporate identity of your company. Making your brand values a real experience!

For more than 10 years tm concepts is developing concepts for office interiors and shop design. Therefore we know the crucial success factors for your point of sale.

We develop concepts that raise the brand experience, stimulate your customers emotions and your staff members productivity.

Lectures and workshops

The caffeine kick for your team

With lectures and workshops we raise awareness and knowledge for topics around design, innovation and corporate environments. In interactive sessions we make these issues understandable to boost your performance.

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  • Basics of innovation management
  • Basics of design management
  • From trends and ideas to market-ready innovations
  • Do. Think. Design. – Design Thinking as solving technique
  • Blue Ocean Strategy 2.0
  • Industrial design is not a good idea.
  • Higher productivity in office environments
  • Success priciples of shop design

Michael Thurow

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Michaels focus is to unfold the full creative potential of design and innovation and to turn customers into fans. He grew up in Austria, Germany and USA, and studied architecture at the Technical Universities in Graz and Barcelona. After having gained experience as consultant in a real estate branding agency, a strategic consultancy and as project manager in several international architecture firms, he became head of design, innovations and development at an austrian producer of office furniture.

In 2011 he established tm concepts e.U.

Board member at designaustria



We are looking for passionate and skilled characters, who love to improve the world through innovativion and design. Please send us an email and tell us what inspires and motivates you. We want to hear your story!




Creative Turnaround – Creative industries as engine for innovation

The abstract is only available in German.



Creative Turnaround – Creative industries as engine for innovation

The abstract is only available in German.


New board members at designaustria

designaustria has elected its new members of the board. From 2012 to 2014 a team of five will be responsible for leading the interests of designaustria. On board is also Michael Thurow of tm concepts.


tm concepts contributes to winning the Austrian Design Prize 2011

The success of a well focused cooperation demonstrates the Austrian Design Prize 2011. A team effort between the Austrian producer of office furniture Blaha, the design studio Feichtner and tm concepts resulted in winning this competitive mention. 


tm concepts receives honourable mention at Design Management Europe Award 2011

The design management system, that tm concepts implemented at the producer of office furniture Blaha, was awarded an honourable mention at the Design Management Europe Award 2011. The contribution convinced the jury due to a comprehensive look upon the processes and conditions needed for successful design management. Under the title „Passion & Concequence“ the impotance of combing strategic goals with consequent design thinking was presented.


tm concepts nominated for the Design Management Europe Award 2011

Four Austrian companies have been nominated for the Design Management Europe Award 2011. These companies demonstrated above average performance in the development and implementation of their design strategy. An international jury selected the best entries. Companies from 30 european countries were eligible to send in their proposals.


Interview Der Standard „Corporate Individualism in your Office“

Colour, Light and Meeting Point: Design Manager Michael Thurow talks about corporate identity and individualism in offices.

The average employee spends the bigger part oft he day in the office. When feeling well, this has a major impact on his motivation and hence on his productivity.